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          Chadko Enclosure Systems and Liners are everything you need to give your wire shelving a fresh designer look, cover up clutter and add more function to your shelving in minutes.

          Add More Function to Your Shelving

          Colored PVC Liners

          Clear Acrylic Liners

          Made from flexible, durable 0.06" thick crystal clear acrylic and cut with square corners to fit around square and round posts. These liners are thicker and clearer than the translucent liners.

          Chadko Enclosure Systems are designed to enhance many brands of wire shelving. Made from durable, flexible 1/8" PVC; they come in 14 vivid colors to match any decor in home or office.

          The Enclosure Systems include side and back panels, two sliding doors (along with tracks) or one swing door and doorknobs. They are easy to install and require no tools. They virtually snap into place.